How can I use Grocery List Bot?

You can use Grocery List Bot on Telegram Messenger! You can install Telegram on any platform: Android, Iphone/Ipad.. visit

Can I create multiple lists in a conversation?

No. That would complicate the bot UX. You can create a new group and have a fresh list!

How long can be an item stored in the list?

You can save up to 255 characters per item.

Can I store Emoji in the list?

Yes absolutely! We ♥ Emoji!

I want to add Grocery List Bot in chat, but doesn't appear in the results after typing @grocerylistbot in the form, what can I do?

You have two choices:

  • Open the Grocery List Bot info window, press the 3 dots menu (three vertical dots) select "Add to a Group".
  • Add Grocery List Bot from a different client: Desktop, web .. (this problem seems affecting the Android Telegram version)

I have a proposal to improve Grocery List Bot! How can I contanct you?

Improvements and suggestions are very welcome! You can reach us on the Grocery List Support Group on Telelegram

Grocery List Bot is not working what I can do?

We are sorry, contact us at @grocerylistbotsupport, we will do our best to fix it!

Do you have a Privacy Policy ?

Yes, we do

Do you have the Term of Service?

Yes, we do

Updated february 3, 2018